Terms of Service



1. Communication:

All communication is through EMAIL only.  No other ways of contact (private messages, IMs, journals, etc.) will be accepted once the commission is in process.

If communication is not received within 5 days after a commission request has been approved by me (no payment sent yet), I’ll consider the commission as cancelled until I receive further communication.

After payment has been sent, I’ll send a message and you have up to 5 days to reply with corrections/approval before I consider to continue working without your input.

Please let me know if you’ll have to communicate in a less regular basis.

I’ll move a commission to the bottom of my To-Do-List if no communication has been received from you for 10 days or longer.

I’ll cancel a commission and issue a refund if no communication is received within 30 days of last message (usually a stage of the process where your approval is needed).

2. Payment:

Currency is US dollars.

Payment is through PayPal. Other methods such as Western Union, trading Amazon items, mailing cash, etc., are available upon request. Please scroll down to the end for this Terms for more info.

Once the Preview Sketch is approved, you will be sent a Paypal Invoice. Limit to pay the invoice is 7 days.  If payment has not been sent within 7 days and I get no communication from you within that period, I reserve the right to cancel the commission.

Payment plans/split payments are available for any commission above $100.

This option must be requested before a preview sketch is sent by me. Otherwise I’ll ask for full payment.

First deposit must be min. $55. This will cover the sketch stage.

Next payment must be the remaining quantity or in increments of $60.

I reserve the right to apply extra fees if the payment is split in three or more parts.

3. Completion Times and Deadlines:

I aim to take no more than two weeks (one month max.) on each commission.

I send WIPs as soon as I have done significant progress from the last WIPs sent. I try to update costumers at least every four-five days.

If two weeks have passed and I have not sent updates, feel free to inquiry.

I can work with specifics deadlines given two weeks to a month ahead of time, depending on the complexity of the picture I may need more time.

4. Refunds:

Full refunds requested by the customer are available ONLY if absolutely no work has been started. This is only during the Sketch Preview stage.

If the sketching/drawing stage has begun, a refund minus sketch cost will be issued.

There’s NO refund after color/painting work has been started.

 If the customer has not communicated back within 30 days, I reserve the right to cancel a commission and refund money based on the amount of work done.

If I cancel the work for my own personal reason, a full refund will be issued.

4. Copyright:

I retain full commercial rights to all the images produced by me.

I reserve the right to use any image I create as I see fit. This includes, but not limited to, selling prints, portfolios/art packs (digital or physical), posting or not to websites, etc.

If you do not like any of the above possibilities, please refrain from commissioning me.

If you would like to discuss commercial rights, please ask BEFORE starting the commission.

I will NOT make private commissions. I will decide to make public or not the image at any time I desire. I can, however, refrain from posting a commission during a certain period of time (gift art).

I reserve the right to re-use any sketch that has been not used in the Preview Sketch step abd any resulting image from a cancelled commission in any way I see fit.

You are allowed to use the image commissioned by you in nonprofit ways. This mean you cannot sell, print, distribute, and put it on items (physical or digital) that you intend to sell.

You can use the commissioned image for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This includes posting to any site you want, printing on things you do not intend to sell and will keep to yourself.

A smaller, watermarked file is sent for public online posting. You can request different sizes to post online besides the one I send. You are NOT allowed to post online (make public) the high resolution image due to security reasons (random people downloading and printing it)

If posted online, the creation of the image must ALWAYS be credited to me (ValentinaPaz).  A link back to my page is not required but highly appreciated!

You are not allowed to erase, modify, or obstruct my signature.

If you wish to edit, modify or alter the image please contact me first.

5. Canceling and refusal:

I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any stage for any reason, without explanation.

You, as the customer can cancel a commission at any stage of the process

Please refer to point 4 for refund policy.

I reserve the right to refuse service to any person at any time without explanation. Do not insist if service has been refused to you.

6. I do not draw the following themes:

Modern-day Military themes and real life country flags on non-fictional settings. Political party symbols.

Christian and some other religious imagery/symbolism.

Minors (or characters that look like minors) and Feral animals/creatures on adult/mature situations, Animal genitalia.


Extreme alteration of body proportions (inflation, hyper muscle, hyper genitalia, etc.)

Sexual violence.

Hate art.

The degree of extreme will be determined by me.

Pornography: I don’t do pornography.

7. Alternative Payment methods (Amazon, Western Union, mailing cash, etc):

Refunds are not available by paying with these methods.

In the case of trading items (Amazon), the price of the item + shipping cost is considered for the final amount. For example, a cd costs $20 and shipping is $15, the price of your commission is $35.

I will not start drawing until I receive proof of shipping (In Amazon the item is listed as “Purchased”). 

Through Western Union and similar services, transactions can be tracked, be sure to give me the correct information.

I’ll proceed up to an unfinished color/painting stage while item/transaction is in transit/approval, and will proceed to finish once the item has arrived or transaction has been cleared.

Mailing cash: Since this one is risky, I’ll only start drawing when the money arrives. You pay the shipping costs.