Commission Info


Portrait Sketch – $25
Halfbody Sketch – $35
Fullbody Sketch – $45

Quick, rough sketches focused on gesture.
These have a very quick turnaround time (up to 14 days after payment date).
Updates are not provided and no major changes are done after they’re finished.
I will fix any mistake on the character designs if any. Some elements like spots, stripes, armor, etc. will be simplified.
Prices are per character. A fullbody sketch with two characters will cost $90


Portrait Painting – $60
Halfbody Painting – $90
Fullbody Painting – $150

Figure paintings are focused on the character, an abstract or extremely simple background and strong contrasting shadows are used to bring all focus on the character.
These commissions include a couple preview sketches for you to pick your favorite.
I’ll send progress updates. Corrections can be made during the drawing process.
Turnaround time is about two to four weeks.
Additional characters can be added at a discounted price:
Portrait: $40
Halfbody: $70
Fullbody: $115


Illustrations – Starting at $200

Focused on the character’s interaction with their sorrounding environment.
Concept previews and updates are provided during the whole process.
Price is for one character and a fully detailed scene.
Final price will depend on the complexity of the request

If you’re interested in getting a commission, please send an email to
Remember to read my Terms of Service.