I’ve been doing furry commissions since 2011 with over 700 done. Those in my audience have been great and I’m grateful to them because they’ve allowed me to maintain a frugal lifestyle that doesn’t require me having a job that drains my will to live and draw. During the first couple months I was still doing these commission very often.


On April I was contacted to participate in a card game, game I used to play when I was a round 12-13. At that time I dreamed about working for them.
This was a huge milestone because it forced me to work on my patience, attention to detail and respect for my craft. Working with an art director has been a great artistic experience.


Warframe’s The Sacrifice quest was relesead and the model of Natah triggered something in me, it was an experience close the one I had when I discovered Giger and Beksinski’s work.
On June I also got to do my very first art exhibition at my town.


During July and August I started watching Bobby Chiu’s youtube channel and after bombarding myself with his words of encouragement and advices, on September I started doing daily studies. It worked great and it made feel confident enough to try Inktober.


Inktober was another milestone. Drawing daily is now part of my routine. It led me to the most productive month of this year, November. My time management was nearly perfect, I returned to traditional art and did a bunch of drawings I’m super proud of, specially because I could fit a bunch of personal artwork, commissions and contract work, and even some writting.


That time management went to hell during December. I don’t know why I let it have such a strong grip on my mind, but I lost the daily morning studies/sketches routine I had during November. But I did well enough and finished everything I owed on time.


It was quite difficult to pick pictures for the later months (hence why I went with two for each) and I’m really happy to say that a bunch of what I think is my best work from this year it’s not here, I can’t show it yet :)


2018 was great.
Here’s to 2019, to better time management, studies, more sketches, writting/worldbuilding, dragons and Saryn Prime.